Forex Introducing Brokers

Start your own forex business as an introducing broker

Running your own FX brokerage business

Becoming an introducing broker (IB) is easy. Running a successful business is not. Using our 10+ years of experience in the industry, we can guide you in the right direction and help you grow your business – whether you are an independent trader or a large organization.

Once you are set up with our IB program, you will receive commissions or rebates from referring customers to the Forex market and personalized, to-notch support all along the way. In most cases, government licensing or registration is not required.

How you should structure your Forex IB business will depend on many factors; factors we will help you explore. To learn the 5 steps required to get started, click here.

IB Services Provided

  • State-of-the-art Back Office and Reporting

    Staying organized is a prerequisite for a successful IB business. Keeping track of the trading activity of a large number of accounts, the conversion of demo leads, and the flow of transactional revenue is not easy. That is why our back office was design to do this and more, all from within an easy-to-use online platform.

  • Multi-tier Commission Program

    In addition to Forex traders, some IBs are able to recruit other agents and affiliates. If that is your business model, our 2-tier commission program allows you to have other IBs, white label providers, and affiliates beneath you and earn commissions from their network. It’s a great way to boost the income potential of your referral network. Learn more about our attractive compensation program.

  • Free White Label Platform for Qualifying IBs

    Successful IBs with strong brands or a desire to promote one can easily do so via a fully-branded trading platform. Agents who generate enough volume can receive a free MT4 white label platform if they so desire. Please visit our white label section for more information.

Let us Help your FX business thrive! can help you find the best ways to establish your business and make it work. Our staff members have unrivalled marketing, FX and trading experience that will give you a key insight into the brokerage industry. They can pass on their knowledge to your organization to help your business achieve a greater level of success. Services provided include: personnel training, website advice, advice on increasing your account closing rate, marketing support, and more.

How Easy is it to Run a Forex IB Business?

Operating a business in the Forex market is simple. By taking advantage of different mediums of promotion, such as word of mouth, conferences, social media, existing websites, and others you can offer our services to potential traders and investors. Whether you plan to market to an existing client base or start building a new one, offering trading services is not a complicated solution. We strive to work together with you to make your IB business a success in the shortest time possible. Read more about businesses that are likely to succeed as IBs.

What’s the next step?

Our getting started section breaks the process to sign up as an IB or white label into a few easy-to-follow steps. It all starts with the completion of our registration form, where you provide us with some basic, but essential information.

Forex Introducing Brokers